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Piano Design appliances: redefining architecture

Architecture is a label that can be given to household objects too. Two ideas immediately spring to mind: service and memory. Service, because objects, like buildings, have to fulfil a set function: they have to "serve" people and do their job effectively.  Memory, because ideas and projects don't just come out of thin air. Instead, they represent a long history of shapes, functions and sensations.

The Smeg Piano Design range fully reflects these basic principles and this way of planning and designing. The hobs, built-in ovens, fridges and the Home Garden are the result of a strong, lasting tradition: solid, practical and essential objects that make the kitchen a warm and welcoming place to be.  Traditional concepts applied to contemporary living, you might say.

The role of steel and glass is crucial to the overall coherence and brightness of the designs and the way they reflect light further enhances the appliances.

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