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Certain flavours have always represented the very essence of the places from which they originate. For Smeg this is true of the area between Emilia and the province of Mantua, where the love of cooking has invariably played an integral part throughout history. In fact, this passion for good food and knowledge of the culinary arts has led to the creation of household appliances boasting functions that real chefs would be proud of.

As if we were in a sensory experience laboratory collating memories and intuitions for a sincere manifestation of the love we have for our nearest and dearest as well as ourselves, the preparation of food turns into an opportunity to create and experiment with tastes, dining customs and lifestyles. It is therefore important that anyone who cooks can find an outlet for his/her own inventiveness by using household appliances offering the very best interpretations of traditional recipes and more sophisticated innovative dishes alike.

Having witnessed and noted the extent to which Italian culinary culture is valued, Smeg has devised the following selection of recipes which will delight even the most refined palettes.