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Pyrolytic ovens

Smeg research and development experts have created products designed to be highly functional and extremely easy to clean. Pyrolytic models feature an automatic cleaning function which means no detergents need to be used in the oven cavity. The inside of the oven is heated and reaches 500° C, at which temperature any grease stuck to the walls is simply burned off. However, the quadruple glazing ensures that the outer door will become no hotter than 55ºC. The Pyrolytic cycle is carried out in total safety as a special safety device locks the door for the duration of the process. The maximum power output is 3 kW and the cleaning cycle can be programmed between a minimum of 1 hour 30 minutes (Pyrolytic ECO) and a maximum of 3 hours depending on the level of dirt. This helps keep oven cooking times at optimum levels.

  • SF6102TVS

    "Linea" series Thermo-ventilated Oven, 24"/60CM, silver glass, Energy rating A+

  • SOU130S

    "Linea" series Pyrolitic Multifunction Oven, 30”/ 76 CM, Silver glass

  • SFP125

    "Linea" series Pyrolitic Multifunction Oven, 24" / 60 CM, Stainless Steel, Energy rating A

  • SFP140

    "Linea" series Pyrolitic Multifunction Oven, 24"/60 CM, Stainless steel and Silver glass, Energy rating A

    Good Design
  • SF390X

    "Classic" series Multifunction Oven, 24" / 60 CM, Fingerproof, Stainless Steel. Energy rating A

  • SCA712-3

    Electronic Convection Oven 27”/ 70 CM. Stainless Steel

  • SC109-8

    Electric Multifunction Oven 24”/60 CM. Stainless Steel

  • SOA330X1

    "Classic" series, Electrical Thermoventilated Oven, 30" / 76cm, Fingerproof Stainless Steel

  • SOA330X

    Electrical Thermoventilated Oven, 70cm, Fingerproof Stainless Steel

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