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Smeg ovens: the difference is in the detail.

Smeg's complete range of aesthetically refined built-in ovens has evolved through serious research, offering peak performance across a range of functions and guaranteeing maximum flexibility of use with maximum safety.

Truly unique appliances which combine different materials superbly, such as stainless steel, glass and enamel, Smeg ovens vary in terms of size, functions and cooking methods. Electric models include pizza, convection, fan and pyrolytic ovens. Gas, steam, microwave and combination ovens are also available, allowing you to handle any recipe and cook food perfectly.

Smeg has developed products with the consumer in mind: our appliances consume up to 20% less energy than appliances in energy efficiency class A and guarantee professional performance even for less experienced chefs.

Type: Gas/electric

  • SF6102TVS

    "Linea" series Thermo-ventilated Oven, 24"/60CM, silver glass, Energy rating A+

  • SOU130S

    "Linea" series Pyrolitic Multifunction Oven, 30”/ 76 CM, Silver glass

  • SFP125

    "Linea" series Pyrolitic Multifunction Oven, 24" / 60 CM, Stainless Steel, Energy rating A

  • SFP140

    "Linea" series Pyrolitic Multifunction Oven, 24"/60 CM, Stainless steel and Silver glass, Energy rating A

    Good Design
  • SF390X

    "Classic" series Multifunction Oven, 24" / 60 CM, Fingerproof, Stainless Steel. Energy rating A

  • SCA712-3

    Electronic Convection Oven 27”/ 70 CM. Stainless Steel

  • SC109-8

    Electric Multifunction Oven 24”/60 CM. Stainless Steel

  • SOA330X1

    "Classic" series, Electrical Thermoventilated Oven, 30" / 76cm, Fingerproof Stainless Steel

  • SOA330X

    Electrical Thermoventilated Oven, 70cm, Fingerproof Stainless Steel

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