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For the third year, Smeg products are recognized by the International design community.


The Good Design Award, founded in Chicago  in 1950, is an International recognition for cutting-edge products in industrial design that is organized by the Chicago Athenaeum - Museum of Architecture and Design, one of the most prestigious cultural institutions and the only museum of Architecture and Design in the United States that operates in collaboration with the European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies. Each year, a panel of experts from around the world evaluate the form, materials, function and use of more than 500 projects from over 48 countries, and reward them for their innovation in design and aesthetics - and amongst them, this year, were the SMEG500 refrigerator and the SFP140 oven.

 SFP140 - SMEG500

A 2013 Good Design Award has been given to the Smeg SFP140 Linea aesthetic oven and the SMEG500 fridge (the result of a collaboration with Fiat & Italia Independent. The same prizes were won by Smeg  in 2010 for the Marc Newson aesthetic line products, and in 2012 for the PVB750-2E concept hob.. 

The winning products for 2013 are two products that are very different but which share high level stylistic research, Made-in-Italy quality and excellence that has always distinguished Smeg from its competitors. Both combine ease of use, optimum performance maximum functionality and cutting-edge design. 

The Smeg SFP140 oven was designed in-house thanks to over 65 years of know-how and was designed to make cooking a daily pleasure thanks to the many functions that it has. The SMEG500 refrigerator is the result of the union of two Made-in-Italy leaders: Smeg and Fiat; an extraordinary object created from a collaboration with ideas agency Italia Independent, because a fridge is not just an appliance and a bonnet is not just a piece of a car.

"It is always an honor and a pleasure to receive awards of this caliber. - Says Vittorio Bertazzoni, CEO of Smeg – it means that the core values ​​of SMEG, which heavily invests in the Italian ability to create products of excellence, not only in design but also in terms of innovation, continues to find support beyond our boundaries. In the case of the SMEG500, the satisfaction is even greater because this product, also the result of the creativity of Italia Independent, is a tribute to the history of the company and to my grandfather who first began working with Fiat after the end of WW2."