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Induction hobs

As an alternative to cooking with gas, Smeg offers a number of induction hobs which are a great way of shortening cooking times, accurately controlling temperatures and minimising energy consumptionEnergy efficiency is maximised as induction hobs only heat up the base of the pan and not the rest of the surface area, which stays cool. Cooking efficiency is thus 90%. All Smeg induction hobs feature the suprema black glass surface. This hard-wearing glass offers excellent heat resistance as well as being easy to maintain: any splashes or spillages will not burn onto the hob top and can be easily wiped away.

  • SI5952B

    Touch Control Induction Cooktop 36”/90 CM.

  • SI3842B

    Touch Control Induction Cooktop W/Angled Edge Glass 30”/80 CM.

  • SE2842ID3

    77CM Touch Control iInduction Ceramic Hob with Angled Edge Glass

  • PGF32I

    30 CM “Modular” Ultra-Low Profile Domino Induction Ceramic Cooktop St/Steel

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